Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2022

‘ELEMENTS’ – Designed by Alison Douglas Design

‘ELEMENTS’ is a Zen Garden with a twist. Traditional Zen Gardens incorporate five elements: earth, water, fire, wind and sky as these five elements are believed to create a balanced garden. 

Limestone benches and a daybed form a central communal space to reconnect and rest. Central to this sunken lounge area is an open fire which nurtures motivation and encourages transformation.

Raised mounds are a common feature in Zen gardens and in ‘Elements’ the raised mound takes shape as a peaked lawn. The lawn points to the sky and hovers over the reflective pond.

Whilst the design elements adhere to ancient tradition, the plants selected celebrate a vibrant biodiversity. At the rear of the garden an established Nyssa sylvatica provides shade for ancient tree ferns and tropical evergreen shrubs. In the sunnier foreground, angular Correa hedges reference the angles created within the hard structures of the garden, whilst swathes of creeping saltbush and edible semi-succulent ground covers create a contrasting rhythm within the garden. 

Whether you look up to the sky and daydream or gaze down from the raised peak into the water and reflect, we hope you feel balanced in this garden.


This garden would not be possible without the help and support of our amazing partners:



IMG is global leader in managing events of all kinds all over the world.  It is truly a privilege that we can have an event of such calibre like MIFGS hosted in Melbourne, my hometown.  Were it not for MIFGS I may never have discovered my passion for landscape design. 


Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers

The main hosts of the ‘Boutique Garden’ category. LV are supporting designers, the construction sector, and the plant growers in our industry.  Your sponsorship for this event has provided a platform for all involved to improve their skills, make new industry connections, and to present a design concept to a wide audience.

Landscaping Victoria


MJB Lansdcape Gardens

MJB Landscape Gardens is leading the build and construction of ‘Elements’.  We first worked with MJB at MIFGS in 2015 where they helped bring the ‘Pipe Dream’ garden to fruition, winning us a 1st place award.  MJB has also been assisting with plant procurement and maintenance in the two years prior to this show.

MJB Instagram

Exclusive Constructions

Exclusive Constructions is also responsible for the construction of ‘Elements’ and the high end craftmanship and build finish.

Exclusive Constructions facebook

PO Box Designs

PO Box Designs have produced the beautiful bespoke metal components in ‘Elements’.  The custom-made items include a white ‘peak’ that hovers over the water and creates a sloping lawn, the reflective pond, and the white metal feature fences.  All of these items were built to millimetre precision! PO.Box Designs have gone above and beyond our expectations in the quality of their craftmanship and customer service.




Eco timber group specialise in recycled & sustainable timber.  Eco timber have worked with us on many projects and have provided our feature cladding for our ‘Elements’ garden ‘Elements’ features ‘Blackbutt’ cladding on the rear walls and a charred timber cladding around the perimeter of the garden.


Light on Lansdscape


Lights on Landscape has provided a bespoke lighting design and installation for ‘Elements’.

Light on Landscape Website

Malvern Irrigation

Malvern Irrigation specialise in irrigation sales, design and consultation and have provided the water feature pump and installation guidelines for ‘Elements’.

Malvern Irrigation Website


Schiavello have provided high-quality customised cushions which create a luxurious day bed area within the ‘Elements’ garden.

schiavello website


Grimes & Sons are specialists in architectural finishes, mudbrick paints, timber stains, and unique coatings.

‘Elements’ features – Controlled Erosion Stain in ‘Silver Grey’ on the timber deck and timber walls.

EcoSmart Fires

Ecosmart provide a premium range of ethanol fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables.

‘Elements’ features the round AB3 Ethanol Burner within a custom-built fire pit structure. This ethanol burner can be used indoors and outdoors.


Briclad were able to supply some fantastic Limewashed Brick Facings for extensive use in the Elements garden against a very tight deadline.

SMS Scaffolding

SMS Scaffolding saved the day with some fantastic advice and last minute scaffolding requirements

SMS Scaffolding WEBSITE


Warners Nurseries

Warners grow an extensive range of quality trees and shrubs for the horticultural industry and have provided a significant amount of plants for our ‘ELEMENTS’ display.  Warners have also aided in the plant selection phase working closely with our team to provide plants that are at their best during MIFGS.

Warners Nurseries Website

Instant Effect /TGA

Have provided advanced shrubs for the garden to give it that ‘Instant Effect!’

Instant Effect

Established Tree Transplanters

ETT offers a wide variety of advanced trees – ranging from 2 metres up to 15 metres in height. 

In ‘Elements’ we have featured a Nyssa sylvatica that is 5 metres high, providing the backbone for the whole garden design and a canopy to plant beneath.

Established Tree Transplanters website

Anco turf  & Lawn solutions

Anco Turf grow a wide variety of grass types to suit the requirements of any site and in ‘Elements’ we have chosen ‘Rhizomatous Tall Fescue’.  It produces a thick, even, lush soft turf that promotes deep rooting plants with great tolerance to heat and dry conditions.


Bio Gro

Bio gro is widely regarded as a leading innovator within the Australian horticulture and waste management industries and has provided the mulch for use in the ‘Elements’ show garden.

BIO GRO website

Chartwell Nursery

Chartwell nursery grows a wide range of ornamental flowering and hedging plants and a range of exciting ornamental grasses.

In ‘Elements’ Chartwell has provided our ‘panicum virgatum rotstrahlbusch’ a switch grass with burgundy-tipped leaves.

Chartwell Nursery Instagram