Small Courtyard Design and Renovation

This was an experimental, self-initiated and funded project. Maximum use of a small space for multiple purposes all year round was a priority.

Reflective water feature/solar heated chlorinated plunge pool.
Reclaimed timber clad feature wall.
Fold out table (concealed within the feature wall).
Custom built LED lighting recessed within timber cladding with wireless remote control.
Hinged foot bridge over plunge pool.
Compact fold down BBQ (mains gas conversion).
Sight lines were carefully considered. The void of sky was recognized as the main view from most vantage points within the home. To avoid obstructing this view customised lighting was designed into the timber feature wall and the direction of the timber leads the eye up and out.

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis plants screen the window to the master bedroom. This creates a lush green view from within and provides privacy. The thin garden beds that run the length of the pool are planted with Baloskion tetraphyllus to create a visual fence line, whilst the soft feather like foliage softens the hardscaping.