K20 Architects - Eternity Development

The Brief:
The responsibility of the project is to be: Socially inclusive, Connected, Communicated and create a Community…
• To design a Roof Top garden and Northern Deck for 110 Roberts Street, West Footscray.
• ZONES & THEIR FUNCTIONS: The Roof Top garden’s primary use is to be social, with the flexibility for individuals to find space for quiet reflective time.
The Northern Deck is to has a more relaxed feel by the creek bed but explore edible planting/community veggie patch concepts for this area also as it has the appropriate amount of full sun.
Inspiration is taken from the meandering natural path of the creek bed to design a faceted board walk. These faceted lines are to be explored in the roof top garden design and planting/paving patterns.
Dappled light is also a desirable element as it refers back to the story of this project; being in the shade of the trees….