Design Consultation
A professional 90 minute site visit & consultation.
Alison will work with the clients to develop a brief based on the clients input and a tour of the spaces.
Alison will sketch ideas and concepts on the spot to explore & illustrate initial ideas as well as discuss design and budget constraints.
Alison will prepare a quote for design concepts within one week of this meeting. Design fees vary according to the requirements and the scale of each project.

Concept Design Proposal
You will receive a design brief which includes the summary of your Design Consultation. It will outline decisions made on how the client wishes to use the spaces, its look, theme and feel.
The concept Design proposal will quote a flat fee for the preparation of a concept Plan.

Concept Plan
Alison and the client will create the full design brief.
A comprehensive site visit which includes; shooting levels and plotting existing structures.
The concept plan will include floor plans and selected elevations, plant recommendations, material pallet, lighting plan and explain the functional roles of each zone in the garden.

3D Modelling
Some people feel more comfortable with a 3D model to visualize a concept design in which case this is an option.

Working Drawings
Not all projects require working drawings, however in order to achieve the finer details of a design with outdoor rooms, incorporated seating and pools etc. it is advised.

Alison can forward your plans to a number of experienced registered builders and pool companies in the landscape industry. All items within the design will be priced separately to ensure transparency and a clear understanding of where costs lie.

Follow-Up Visits
Free of charge Alison will visit your site during the planting phase to ensure that the plants are appropriately placed to achieve the desired design outcome. Alison will schedule two further follow up visits to see how your new garden is progressing.